Author – B. Thomas

Director, author of poems – G.Nazhidova

Music Director and Arranger – U.Salikhov

Production Designer – N.Glubokina

Costume Designer – L.Novkovich

Choreographers – Honored Artist of Uzbekistan F.Isayeva,

V.Ulyanova, A.Shayakubov


Actors and performers

Colonel Sir Francis Chesney – V.Yuldashev

Jack Chesney-Honored Artist of Uzbekistan S.Artykov, F.Safarov

Charlie – K.Morozov, T.Karimov

Lord Frankert Baberley- I. Bukhaidze, R. Sherezdanov

Donna Lucia D’ Alvadorets – Honored Artist of the Uzbekistan and Tatarstan D.Minyaeva

Annie – N.Baratova, U.Semenova

Kitty Veden – N.Lapkova, R.Akubzhanova

Ella Deley – D.Sherezdanova, I.Ganieva


Lawyer-M. Bukharov

Ballet dancers are busy in dance and crowd scenes.


Young Lord Baberley, a close friend of Jack and Charlie decided to help them connect with their favorite girls. Due to unpredictable circumstances, Baberley is forced to pretend to be a famous millionaire Donna Lucius D’Alvarets and seeks Svetlaig’s consent to marry his beloved.


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