By purchasing a ticket for a performance (concert) of the Operetta Theater, the viewer agrees with these rules and undertakes to observe public and fire prevention in the theater building.
The entrance to the theater is 30 minutes before the start of the performance.
The viewer is obliged to carefully treat the property of the theater, and in the event of material damage, the viewer is obliged to compensate it in full.
In the event that the viewer loses the number confirming the delivery of things to the theater wardrobe, the cost of the full number of the lost number is collected from the viewer.
At the entrance to the theater installed security system. A special control that every spectator must pass is carried out by a professional guard service, at whose request all piercing-cutting objects, weapons, means of self-defense, means of audio and video recordings must be deposited.
In case of unwillingness of the viewer to pass the control, the administration of the theater has the right to refuse to attend the theater.
Persons with pacemakers and other medical devices must inform the theater administration before passing control.

t is forbidden to enter the auditorium:

with large bags, briefcases, suitcases, cameras, video cameras, other audio and video recordings;
with food and drink.
in sportswear.
Children under 12 years old are not allowed in the evening performances.
Theater performances are intellectual property. Therefore, photo, film, video, TV shooting, any kind of audio recordings of performances or their fragments are prohibited without the express permission of the theater administration.
After the third bell, the entrance to the auditorium is prohibited. The late spectator, as an exception, can take a free seat in the auditorium, and after the intermission – the row and seat indicated in the ticket.
After the second call, the viewer is obliged to turn off mobile communications.
Viewers are forbidden to talk on the phone and move around during the performance in the auditorium.
Persons in a state of narcotic and alcohol intoxication are not allowed in the Theater.
All spectators who attend evening performances must have a separate ticket.
All spectators attending children’s performances, starting from the age of 3, should have a separate ticket.
Viewers should pay more attention to the choice of the play for children and take into account the recommendations of the theater on age restrictions when buying a ticket.
The theater has the right to make changes in the repertoire of the theater.
In the case of a performance change, purchased tickets are considered valid.